An Unforgettable Holiday in Montenegro

An unforgettable holiday in Montenegro is something we all look forward to whole year.

You know that a vacation in Montenegro can never be boring. Whether you’re looking for a quiet family vacation or an unforgettable holiday experience full of crazy nights, come and experience the nightlife in Budva.

Do you want to spice up your relationship with some travel? Don’t worry, because luxury apartments in Becici can introduce just the right amount of romance! Of course, the main “culprits” for this are the beautiful Montenegrin beaches that make the whole experience complete.

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You Need the Right Accommodation for an Unforgettable Holiday in Montenegro

The first thing you should do when you plan a vacation is choose the right accommodation. Everyone has their own taste, so you need to think what the perfect accommodation is for you. Does the location play the most important part? Or price? Perhaps your ideal accommodation must also offer accompanying services, like a spa, swimming pool, or something else. You need to make the right choice to spend an unforgettable holiday in Montenegro.

There is no need for you to waste your time searching the internet when you have the best accommodation in Montenegro right here. It is a perfect combination of a modern design, functionality, much needed privacy and, above all, affordable prices.

An Unforgettable Holiday in Montenegro Must Also Include Beautiful Beaches

Besides the Adriatic Sea, whose beauty is breathtaking, the beaches of Montenegro are exceptionally pure, and it is not surprising that many of them get a blue flag each season. This is precisely the main reason why tourists keep returning to this country.

Nineteen of these beaches are marked as being of the highest quality. Seven of those are found in the Ulcinj Riviera, while the best ones are certainly Kopakabana on Velika Plaza, Mala Plaza, and Ada Bojana.

Many people find Richard’s Head in Budva to be among the most attractive ones. This beach is located near the outside walls of the Old Town, so you can enjoy both the sea and the beautiful historical complex. Then, there are Mogren, Pizana, Slovenska and Kraljičina beach, which many say is one of the most beautiful in the whole Adriatic. You should also visit the beach Jaz, which, in addition to its purity, is famous for numerous concerts of world stars.

The Best Way to Get an Unforgettable Holiday Is Explore the Unknown

If it is your the first time in Montenegro, every place is new to you, unknown. However, for returning tourists, the real adventure comes with discovering locations that you have not visited right now.

Our recommendation is to start with one of the most beautiful cities on the Montenegrin coast. We’re talking about Perast, which stands out from other places thanks to its incredible stone buildings. Take a walk along the main street by the sea and feel the spirit of the past in which various cultures intertwined. Be sure to visit the church of St. Nicholas and its belfry. Although climbing to it may seem scary and steep, the view you get at 180 feet is incredible.

There is also the Bujovic palace, a museum that will help you get to know both the history of the city and the country itself. Complete the beautiful tour by visiting the famous island – Our Lady of the Rocks. There are many legends about this artificial island and your travel guide will certainly tell you what the most interesting are.

If you want to discover the continental part of Montenegro, a visit to the Skadar Lake and a visit to Virpazar are mandatory. Here you will taste the best wine and fish and enjoy the incredible sunset over the lake.

It is these small pleasures that create an unforgettable holiday in Montenegro.


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