Apartments in Becici 2019 – Make this summer holiday the best

Apartments in Becici 2019 make summer holiday perfect.

Holidays are those days in years which every single one of us is eagerly waiting, no matter how old we are. Every year, at its beginning, pupils make plans for unforgettable summer holiday. Students already know that the best spent time for holidays is in Budva. While employees are looking forward to enjoy sun’s rays and the sea at the cleanest beaches of Montenegro.

Indeed, Montenegro offers incredible opportunities, whether it’s about a family trip with children, a romantic holiday with a loved one, or a crazy fun with friends.

Accommodation in Montenegro is difficult to find in the peak of the season. This means now is a good time to look at the offer that apartments in Becici 2019  bring to you!

Apartments in Becici 2019 – The most beautiful beach is waiting for you

Montenegro is country of unreal beauty – starting form Adriatic sea, rocky canyons and famous national parks.

However, the things that make Montenegro widely known for are definitely the most beautiful beaches that proudly carry a blue flag – an evidence of exceptional purity and quality. And among them is the beach in Becici. It stretches from the cape of Zavala to Djevistenje and it is the longest beach on the Montenegrin coast.

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It is also known as the Paradise Beach. So it’s not surprise that in 1935 this beach won the Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe. Certainly, the deserved recognition this beach justifies each and every season.

Since their location is really close to the beach, the apartments in Becici 2019 will bring you the most incredible experience. In its vicinity there are many restaurants with the best national and world dishes that you need to try. And they are responsible for the right amount of your hedonism.

But, if you want to know how other beaches here look like, Sofija apartments have special service for you. They provide their guests with speedboats in which can bring them to the desired destination.

The best apartments in Becici  – Location is near Budva

Sofija apartments on the Montenegrin coastline are on the ideal location. They are located very near Budva, city that is known for the most popular place is Montenegro.

Most primarily young people visit Budva because of its wild nightlife that you cannot experience anywhere in Europe! But, Budva offers much more. This is, first of all, a city with rich history, which you will see just by walking in the Old Town.

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The narrow streets, small squares and stone stairs lure you to have your own adventure. And the most beautiful view is from the medieval walls. This is also the right place to wait for the sunset with a loved one.

Perfect walk here finish with the finest wines and specialties of local cuisine at some of the restaurants on the waterfront.

Apartments in Becici 2019 – Made for every guest

Sofia luxury apartments in Becici is synonym for elegance, comfort and privacy worth four stars. A modern interior with beautiful details and extra convenience will make you feel comfortable like home.

Spacious terraces are leading you to the oasis of peace, and the lavish courtyard provides private fun with a barbecue available to guests.

However, what makes these apartments special in Montenegro is very friendly staff. Our expert team is at your service all 24 hours in order to fulfill your every wish.

Visit our website and choose apartment that suits you for the upcoming summer. Enjoy and have an uforgettable holiday in Montenegro!



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