Lux apartments in Becici

Lux apartments in Becici represent a dream of a perfect holiday.

Today, holiday planning is a real challenge. Many things need to be taken into account – choosing the right date, destination, and the estimated budget. One of the most important things, of course, is the selection of the right accommodation.

The Accommodation in Montenegro is diverse. There are hotels, apartments, rentals, B & B, campsites… They all have their own advantages so choosing the right accommodation can be quite difficult sometimes!

However, all tourists agree on one thing – luxurious apartments in Becici are the first on the list of their wishes.

If you are not too sure about this, Sofia apartments will certainly convince you that they are the best choice for everyone.

Lux Apartments in Becici Have a Modern Design

Unlike basic hotels or regular apartments, lux apartments in Becici have a modern design. The incredible interior of the pure form is full of beautiful details that sets it apart from all others.

Apartments in Becici

Apartments in Montenegro will offer you all the comfort you need. If you choose them for your 2018 vacation, you will not have to worry whether the air condition and other devices are working, whether the wardrobes are functional, whether the bathroom is new and clean or whether there is enough room for everyone in the apartment.

Besides that, the luxury apartments in Becici offer you all the necessary privacy, so you can enjoy your holiday without a problem.

Lux Apartments in Becici Are at the Best Location

For many people, the location is crucial for accommodation choices. They take into account the distance from the sea, shops, good restaurants, while for young people the distance from the central events and attractive clubs also plays an essential part.

Lux apartments in Becici are synonymous with the perfect location. They are only 200 meters from the sea. They are in the vicinity of the Splendid hotel complex and Aqua Park of the Hotel Mediteran. Only a few feet from there are a big market, butcher’s, bakery, service bakery, market place, three restaurants and a café bar, so you will not have to worry about eating. If you want to visit the nearby places, the bus stop is 50 meters away, while the taxi station is right outside the building.

Lux Apartments in Becici Offer a Beautiful View

The idea of an approaching holiday often puts a smile on our faces. Just imagine the amount of happiness you’ll get when you take a look at the vast sea from your apartment window.

Lux Apartments in Becici

Luxury apartments on the Montenegrin coast offer you a breathtaking view. It will, no doubt, bring about new emotions and turn you into a gentle and romantic soul. Sleeping with the soothing sound of the waves and the scent of the sea, drinking morning coffee or having dinner on the terrace make up a perfect holiday. Put down your mobile phones and tablets and enjoy the relaxing view of the luxury apartments in Becici.

Lux Apartments in Becici Are More than Hotels

Of course, every accommodation offers some basic furniture and a couple of appliances but wouldn’t it be great if you could get a little bit more for your money?

You might think that only the biggest hotels can offer you the best features, but that’s not true. The luxurious apartments in Becici will astound you with their offer. Their special features will help make your stay that more enjoyable.

Lux apartments in Becici

Sofia Apartments located in Becici are luxuriously furnished and offer all the necessary comfort. All units are air-conditioned and have cable TV, free Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, security cabinets and bathrooms.


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