The Nightlife in Budva

The Nightlife in Budva is always guaranteed!

In recent years this beautiful old town has become a metropolis of Montenegrin tourism.

Wonderful beaches and rich nature are one of the reasons for visiting tourists, but first of all, for young people, these are the best partys in Montenergo.

The nightlife in Budva lasts 7 days a week, throughout the year, and not only during the summer months, and it is no wonder that many have declared it the epicenter of good entertainment.

For this reason, it is important that the apartment in Budva is close to the nightlife action.

The nightlife in Budva is both for the younger and the older

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If you want to experience exhilarating memories on your vacation, then Budva is the right place for you.

You will not make a mistake, because it definitely offers a no-limit and an age limit.

No matter what kind of music you are listening to, what kind of exit you like and no matter how old you are in Budva, you will spend as never in your life.

This city offers unlimited possibilities for everyone’s taste.

There is almost no tourist place in the world that has such a concentration of restaurants, bars, cafes, discotheques in such a small area …

Even many beaches of the Budva Riviera are not only remembered by the beautiful coast and the turquoise color of the sea. They are also remembered by beach bars and parties that last for 24 hours.

The nightlife and party in Budva is always guaranteed

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Nightlife in Budva

Stunning modern interiors, good atmosphere, friendly staff, famous stars and the most beautiful women.

This is best described in Budva, which Topdreamer has ranked among the top 10 places to spend.

Disco Top Hill, which is outdoors, was officially declared the world’s best nightclub by the World Finest Clubs Association.

We are sure that there is no younger person who visited Budva without feeling the charms of this club that was opened in 2010 on the Topliš hill.

With a capacity of around 5,000 guests and the latest equipment, many have declared it the summer phenomenon of Budva.

Top Hill runs from 1 July to 1 September, every day from 23 to 5 hours.

Although Top Hill is the biggest night attraction of Budva, its heart is a disco Trocadero that has a tradition of good nightlife for 25 years.

In two facilities, from season to season, performances of the most famous stars of the local and regional music scene can be heard. The open Trocadero is located on the promenade, while the sealed with a capacity of 1,300 places is placed in the building of the former cinema.

In addition to these two clubs on the list of interesting were also Club Ambiente, Mr Stefan Braun, Paris Night Club, Club Miami, Rafael, Maltese and many others.

For those who want to start the night at a restaurant or cocktail bar, the Old Town of Budva and the nearby promenade will offer you the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The good nightlife in Budva are also guaranteed during New Year holidays

Spending NYE in Budva becomes very popular during the last decade, and it is highly recommended to make your reservation on time!

Rich music programs in elite hotels and clubs are not everything!

Since 2000, this city has been organizing New Year’s public greetings on the Budva Old Town Square.

During the four-day party, the most famous names of the domestic and ex Yugoslavian music scene are.

The market is sometimes even too small to receive all tourists who come not only from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, but also from Italy, Ukraine, Russia, England.

Glamorous gazebos and guaranteed grazing till dawn on New Year’s Eve are the main pearls of the pearls of the Adriatic.

Sofia Apartments are located near Budva. Visit us and be part of the hot Budva atmosphere and good spending.

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