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Sofia Apartments are located in Becici, near the city of Budva. We are located just 200m from one of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegro coast and 100m from the hotel Splendid and the Mediterranean, which has its own aqua park. The building has 4 stars and contains rooms, studio apartments and apartments with balconies. In Sofia apartments you can enjoy all the comforts: all units are air-conditioned and have cable TV, free Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, security cabinets and bathrooms. Sofia Apartments provide guests with comfortable accommodation where you will get a welcome and comfortable stay. This is the best choice for your so waited holiday. Becici has a 1.950 m long sandy beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro and the southern Adriatic. In 1935 she won Grand Prix in Paris as the most beautiful beach in Europe. Several parts of the beach are private and accessible only to hotel guests. In contrast to Budva’s large number of private apartments and houses, the town of Bečići is mainly composed of medium and large hotels. Some of them, such as the Mediterranean, Iberostar Bellevue and Queen of Montenegro have been completely renovated, while the most significant investment in Becici was the construction of a new luxury five star hotel, whose construction cost 70 million euros. This hotel and Becici were the choice of The Rolling Stones and Madonna, as well as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during their stay in Montenegro.




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apartmani sofija budva montenegro
apartmani budva crna gora iznajmljivanje rezervacija
plaža bečići crna gora

Until recently, Becici was a small village because they were separated from the main area of ​​Budva by a narrow peninsula known as Zavala. Today, however, several exclusive hotels in Becici, it is said that this settlement connects with Budva promenade, and Zavala has become more architectural landmark, where it is dug through a short tunnel on the peninsula to connect these two places.


Porodica Popović

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