St. Nicholas Island

St. Nicholas Island is the largest island in the southern part of the Adriatic. It covers 47 hectares and is 2 km long. With its position it closes the Budva bay and is considered an inevitable part of Budva with which it is connected by an undersea spruce called tuna. During the tide the water level descends to only half a meter, so it can almost be overtaken to Slovenian beaches.

If you were wondering where to spend the summer of 2018. Here are some information about the beauty of this part of Montenegro, in which you will be sure to enjoy.

The island of St. Nicholas was named after the church of the same name

 The island of St. Nicholas or Školj (it’s scoglio – wall), as the locals call it, is officially named to the church dedicated to St. Nicholas, patron saint.

It is mentioned for the first time in the 16th century, although it is believed that it was built in the 11th century by crucifiers who crossed these roads on the way home. According to the tradition, they buried their dead in the area around the church.

The church was almost completely destroyed in a devastating earthquake in 1979. In the coming years it has been restored, but is rarely open to visitors today.

For the island of St. Nicholas, a legend about the St. Sava is connected

Ostrvo Sveti Nikola

The locals gladly tell the legend of the creation of a spruce connecting the island of St. Nicholas. Namely, Sveti Sava twice tried, in 1229 and 1234, from Budva to travel to Palestine to visit Christian sanctuaries in the Holy Land.

However, many storms and waves did not allow him to board the ship that was waiting for him in the bay of St. Nicholas Island. Waiting on the shore, St. Sava threw stones in the water and thus created a way to the island, which he and his followers then came to the ship.

St. Nicholas Island is rich in vegetation

 The island of St. Nikola is covered with dense forests, mostly evergreen trees – thick conifers, pine and spruce.

In addition to flora, the island’s fauna is also characteristic, because it is a true paradise for birds, as well as a small game – forest rabbits, pheasants and deer, which went down to the beach itself before the night.

In the mid-’60s, two pairs of deer paddles from Brioni were brought.

Unfortunately, most of these animals are thought to have been killed in the last 10 years.

The island of St. Nicholas with hidden coves is a perfect place for adventurers

Ostrvo Sveti Nikola

Three beautiful gravel-sandy beaches of Montenegro, total length of 840 m, are on the island. You can reach them by boat and boats that drive daily from all Budva beaches. If you are near the marina you will also find a taxi boat that goes to the island and back.

Smaller beaches to the open sea in the south, which are interesting for many tourists. They are only available for small boats due to the high ridge on this side.

Otherwise, St. Nicholas Island also connects with the name of Hawaii, due to the restaurant that has been there for many years.

Today, one part of the island has been privatized. On the second part, a new restaurant was created, where freshly caught fish was served.

Also, on the island of St. Nicholas there are also cafes and bars. There are also sports courts, dressing rooms, shower, wc, rescuers, emergency services that guarantee pleasure as well as safety for all tourists.

For romantic couples or those who want to be left alone in a transparent view, the sun’s rays and the smell of the Adriatic Sea, there are a few bays. Real adventurers expect paragliding, water skiing and other summer sports activities.

Ostrvo Sveti Nikola

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