Boka Bay – the pearl of the Adriatic

Boka KotorskaBoka bay, or shortly, Boka represents one of the most beautiful bays in the world and is proud to carry the epithet “pearl of the Adriatic”.

A magical blend of blue and green shades and thousands of details and motifs leave no one indifferent. That is why it is not surprising that tourists who visit Boka will be choosing to rent apartments for the next year in this part of the Montenegrin coast.

Boka bay is rich with unreal nature

This magnificent bay, named after the Italian word “bottle” meaning “mouth”, is surrounded by the cliffs of Lovćen and Orjen. It starts in the Bay of Herceg Novi, which narrows down to the Kumbor Strait. From there it enters the Tivat bay through chains and enters the Risan and Kotor bay.

Boka Kotorska

There are as many as nine islands in it: Prevlaka, Mamula, Our Lady of Grace, St. Mark, Flower Island, Skylights, Lady of the Scrub and St. George. And more than 20 places, of which the most famous are: Tivat, Kotor, Perast, Igalo, Herceg Novi, Prcanj, Njivice, Meljine, Zelenika, Djenovici, Baošić, Bijela, Morinj, Risan, Krašići, Radovići.

Boka Bay has a long history

Boka Kotorska

The first traces of civilization in Boka dating back to the 4th century BC, when the Illyrians ruled. The Romans were conquered by the Illyrian state in 168, and in the 5th century migrations began. By joining them with the ancients, the Duke Slavs, the ancestors of today’s Montenegrins, came into being.

In the Middle Ages, Nemanjići was governed by the Bay, and then the inhabitants received Orthodox faith.

After the reign of Nemanjić, the Venetian Republic took over power. Its decline in 1797 represented a very significant milestone in the history of Boka Bay. In a short time, she changed five occupational political administrations. In 1813 the union of the Boka and Montenegro was proclaimed and a government was formed headed by Petar I Petrović Njegoš.

In 1918, Boka became part of Yugoslavia, and since 1945 it was part of the Republic of Montenegro.

Boka Bay “lives” even after the summer season

There is almost no city in the Bay of Kotor which has no significant historical heritage and diverse cultural contents throughout the year.

Boka Kotorska

It features Kotor with its old town, the Cathedral of St. Tripun, the San Giovanni fortress , the famous carnival and the traditional Bokelj night. Then Perast sang with beautiful palaces and a rich museum. Risan with archaeological remains that date from the Roman Empire. In Prčanj you will be amazed by the grandiose temple of the Virgin. In Herceg Novi, besides sightseeing, you can enjoy the latest movie performances during the Film Festival, while Tivat and the elite Porto Montenegro are taking care of the luxury.

Montenegro is abundant in beauty, which is almost impossible to get during holidays, when we spend most of our time on beaches. Therefore, it is recommended to rent an apartment out of season.

By the end of February, you can feel the warm sunshine while you are drinking coffee in the garden of the Old Kotor cafes and you are getting to the right way. Without heat and crowds, you can visit the sophisticated architecture and rich history of Boka.

Boka Kotorska

If this does not make you decide to rent apartments outside of the season, know that the Bay of Kotor abounds in various sporting events, beautiful Mediterranean restaurants and famous discos, which guarantee a good time.

No matter what you choose to see and visit in the bay, you will not be indifferent to his charm, and you will again choose to rent apartments in this area.

Apartments in Montenegro Sofija, will provide you with an unforgettable vacation to visit all the sights and enjoy the holidays and natural beauties that you will return again.

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